Sunday, August 1, 2010

84.5 Weeks, 32.5 Weeks

Mama, Tater Tot, & Small Fry
Go to North Carolina

(31.5 Weeks)

(Waiting in the airport for her very first plane ride. Checking Mama's text messages.)

(Just a few more minutes until we board! Still relatively calm and unbruised...)

(We finally made it to North Carolina! She's ready to hit the beach!)

(My little beach baby loved the sun, the sand, and the surf. I think, if I let her stay all day, she would love it. Just like her mama.)

(Grammy and Tot share a moment among the dunes on the beach.)

(Grampy and Grammy walk along the beach with a salty, sandy, happy baby.)

(Tot leaning over to touch a horseshoe crab at the NC Aquarium.)

Grampy's (Uncle Jicama's) 60th birthday party
L-R Mama Spud, Second Cousin Russet, Great Uncle Yukon, Second Cousin Cassava (holding Tater Tot), Grampy (holding Second Cousin Finn), Cousin Caribe, Grammy, Cousin-in-law Idaho, and Aunt Yammy

Once again, I hope you all appreciate the hard work that goes into a caption like that.

We returned a week later and I had my 32 week check-up the next morning in the city across the river. Once again, my belly is two weeks smaller than it should be. At 32 weeks, I'm 30 cm, so at my next appointment (34 weeks) we're going to do an ultrasound just to make sure Small Fry's growth is on track. Maybe I just make small-ish baby potatoes... (shrug)... who knows. But I'm tellin' ya one thing - I'm not inducing so my doctor can go get plastic surgery!!!

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