Tuesday, August 10, 2010

81 Weeks, 34 Weeks

I've stopped and started this post about 4 times now! Not that it's controversial or troubling for me to write, I'm just too dang tired. Sunday night, I fell asleep at 9pm still in my work clothes, with my jewelry and hair and makeup still on, clutching my iPod while the TV and lights were blaring.

That. Tired.

It's hot here. Hotter than my where my parents live in North Carolina. No ocean breeze to cool you. At least we have air conditioning. Oh, thank God for AC. We don't pay for our electricity thanks to my husbands job, and our house is so old, that I feel the need (as a fat, pregnant, beast) to crank the AC. Some nights, down as low as 66 degrees.

Is that bad?

I know the hippies want us to use air sparingly and yah yah yah.... But I'm a FAT, PREGNANT BEAST WITH A LARGE, OVERHEATED HOUSE! With lots of cracks for the blazing winds to peek through and big windows for the blazing sun to shine through. No thanks.

On another note, Friday was our 5th wedding anniversary! Altogether, we've been a couple for 9 years in September, and have known each other for a total of 13 years. And for once, there were no tears on our anniversary, with only very minimal fighting. (Ha! You think I'm kidding. Every. Damn. Year.)

The night before, Spud and Tater Tot picked me up from work. It was late at night and Tot was already in her pajamas, bathed and ready for bed as soon as we came home. Spud said he wanted to give me my gift tonight, so I dashed into the bedroom to fill out my card for him and put his gift in a bag. Tot followed me to our room and was impatiently pounding on the door, waiting to give me my gifts, until Spud taught her to knock gently until I came out.

When I finally finished and opened the door, she got so excited, handed me my card, and said loudly, "Niiiicce! Hahaa!" She had given both of us a card that said, "Mom and Dad, I wanted to give you and exotic vacation with the sand in your toes and a drink in your hand.... But this was all I could afford on my budget." A tiny drink umbrella was taped to the inside and Tot's "signature" was all over the inside. Cute! She then handed me her present and I was surprised to see a Willow Tree figurine!

Quietly encircled by love I've learned, as a mother, sister, daughter, wife, that the communication of touch can be very healing, not only for the receiver but for the giver. Quietly is meant to be a very calming piece, especially for a mom. A lot of people think this piece is a mother with two boys, but I see it as either. (Actually, my models were two little girls with short hair!) - Susan Lordi

That makes #12 in my collection! Wow!

And Jeff's "gift" to me was a new set of wedding rings that I picked out and bought myself. Because, sometimes, that's just what you have to do! My original wedding ring is great and has served it's purpose, but it's an uncomfortable size 4.5 and was just a cheap, sterling silver band that is hard to match with any other ring. My original engagement ring was a beautiful 1.5 cttw solitaire with 3 accent stones on either side. It was also 2 sizes too big and dipped in white gold, making it unable to be sized. Eventually, the white gold wore off and left patches of yellow gold, copper lining, and white gold. Not pretty. I've been wearing another ring with just a few diamond chips in it, some of which have fallen out over the years. Not pretty either.

So I got new ones! A pretty antique-style, diamond cluster engagement ring and a small band with diamonds along the top. They're not fancy or horribly expensive, but special to me and now comfortable for me to wear. Also, not embarrassing for me either. I always hide my hands at work when women come in and buy giant diamond rings from me - something I would never be able to afford.

And Spud... oh Spud. His anniversary gift was a damn steal! A certain department store (that I don't work for) happens to give out cash vouchers when you spend so much in the store. So, I turned around and used the cash vouchers from my rings to get Spud....

A Keurig mini coffee maker with 10 free coffee pods.

He's in love all over again. Not with me. The coffee maker.

And since I didn't know we were doing "gifts" from Tater Tot like he did, a few days later I got him some more coffee pods and a little reusable plastic filter so you can put in your own coffee.

I hate to brag about these things, but it's about time that we had a nice anniversary with decent gifts. Each year we're horribly broke, stretched thin, working hard and we can hardly afford gifts for each other, much less cards. Sometimes he forgets. Sometimes he doesn't show initiative. This year - he was on point. Good job Spuddy.

Friday night we got a sitter and went to a local Italian restaurant called Niko's for dinner. I had Chicken Picata (lemon chicken with capers that I subtly pushed to the side, and pasta) and he had the Chicken Mare (anyone know how to make the accent over the 'e'? Anyways, it was chicken and giant shrimp with pasta and sauce). Ooh, don't forget the crab dip for the appetizer. I really have to start watching my seafood/mercury intake again.

Then, to top off a child-less evening, we went to the movies and saw..... a kid's movie.

Oh well. Toy Stoy 3 (not in 3-D, I hate wearing those glasses on top of my glasses!). It was available and short and got us home in time for the sitter. Not to mention, surprisingly good!

And, of course, it has Spud's favorite characters....

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