Sunday, August 1, 2010

17.5 months, 29 weeks

(Spud painting Tater Tot's toes red and blue for 4th of July)

He's such a good daddy. He paints his little girl's toes and clips her nails.
He combs her hair. He gives her a bath every night. He dresses her in clothes that may not exactly match.
He special orders decals for her $8 play kitchen that I bought from a yard sale. He arranges her play food according to freezer items, cans, and refrigerated foods even though she doesn't really care when she pulls them all out again.
He endures endless hours of Spongebob, although he secretly enjoys them. He uploads Baby Einstein videos for my iPod, "just in case" of a meltdown.
He watches her while he's supposed to be working during my prenatal visits so I don't have to struggle with her for hours in a waiting room.

He's a good daddy.
Love you Spudly.

Small Fry:
15 inches long
2.5 lbs
Size of a butternut squash

Tater Tot:
25 lbs

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