Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tater Tot -4, Small Fry -2.5, Baby Sprout -1

My sweet last baby is turning one on Friday. Spud and I just look at each other and say, "Well, we survived. Barely."

My darling Baby Sprout, I love you so much. My first boy, my longest pregnancy, my biggest baby, my first c-section... Your life started out with a bang and ever since you've kept me on a wild loop. You and I traveled 3 times this year on 12 different planes for two funerals and a wedding. You missed your Great-Uncle but you would have loved him and he would have loved you. Thankfully, your Great-Aunt got to see you after you were born and hold you before she passed as well.

You also spent an evening in the emergency room for first degree burns, something that I still feel so guilty about. You got over hand-foot-and mouth disease at 5 months and now you're in the throws of a bad stomach virus. You learned to walk at 9 months old and I don't think you've stopped moving since!!

Baby Sprout, you're definitely my most active child but I think it's just because you want to run along with your big sisters. You love them so, especially Tater Tot, but please stop pulling their hair. They don't like that!

I love you little Sproutie. Maybe this year will be a little calmer! Please go easy on your parents - they're not as young as they used to be. Try sleeping through the night once in a while. That might make us nicer.

Happy First Birthday Baby Sprout!
3/8/12 7:30am