Wednesday, October 29, 2008

26+4 weeks

Around a year ago, I was laying in a recovery room, slowly waking up out of the anesthesia. The first thing I heard the nurses say to each other was the word "oophorectomy." An oophorectomy is the removal of one or both of the ovaries.

The nurses weren't aware that I was awake yet and, in my groggy state with a dry, cracking voice, I muttered, "Oophorectomy?! Oh no! Do I have all of my bits and pieces??"

Turns out, the fibroid tumor that was giving me pain for all of those months, had grown to the size of an apple and was completely surrounding my right ovary. It encased it like a hard stone and, as a result, the whole ovary and tube had to be removed on the right side. The left side was completely clear and was left in-tact.

I spent several days in the hospital and left with a 6 inch vertical scar below my belly button. Before the surgery, I was convinced that I would not be able to have kids on my own. We were seriously thinking about adoption somewhere down the road. Now, almost exactly a year later, I'm 6 months pregnant with our first child.

And, as far as that missing ovary is concerned, I'm convinced that the baby just has a tiny bit more room to move around in there! I was conceived with one ovary, and now, so is my baby!

This week's complaint: Throwing up in my mouth because there's not enough room for food and kicks!

This week's development: More regular kicks - finally!

Baby's size: Length of an English Hothouse Cucumber, or a 1-Liter Soda Bottle

Monday, October 20, 2008

25 + 2 Weeks

So so so very tired. We baby sat a 9 year old and a 7 year old for a week and a half, I worked at the store during the weekend while they were gone, then I had a day off (which wasn't really a day off!) and then back to working all weekend long again. Exhaustion. Times two. I hadn't really had a chance to get to bed early or sleep in past 8:00 - which I know is a luxury now - but I need to be able to relax a little and feel better for my little bambino.

I am looking forward to maybe going home and visiting my mom for two weeks. I want to see my sister and my niece, as well, and I know my best friend is anxious to throw me a shower. So that's exciting as well. I miss everyone from home and wish that I didn't have to go home under the circumstances, but I have been wanting to go home for a visit for a long time.

On another note, we went to a bar for the first time in about two months. Of course, I was the only pregnant lady there (and of course I only had a Sprite!) but it was fun to be able to get out of the house for a little bit. Although, I was introduced by someone as, "And that's [MamaSpud] - she's not fat, she's pregnant."

Thanks. Jerk. Let me tell them. Please.

This week's complaint: Leg cramps!

This week's development: Weird skin .... things.

Baby's size: Weight of a rutabega.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

24 Weeks

My standard black work pants have finally given out. That's it. They were wide leg, side zip pants that went with everything and even after I cut a notch into the opposite side and put my ever-so-wonderful Bella Band around the unzipped waist - that was it. I just can't fit into them any more. And it makes me sad because I thought that I was just gaining weight in my belly - not my ass.

Great. Preggo butt.

But then I got some hot, black, comfy, work pants with a good waist that I can expand later on (in the next three months). And now... mama's feeling so much better! Ahhhh!

Also going on.... I think she's practicing her high kicks. It feels like an electric shock above my belly button, under my ribs.

This Week's Complaint: Aching feet!

This Week's Development: Belly button has ballooned to the size of a cherry.

Baby's Size: Length of an ear of corn

Friday, October 3, 2008

22+6 Weeks

Was given a 20 minute lecture by a woman who looked like Sharon Gless (Cagney & Lacey, Nip/Tuck) about proper nutrition and weight gain during pregnancy. She came into work and talked my ear off once she noticed me adjusting my pantyhose around "The Bump."

I kind of wanted to kill either her or myself. But the fact that
she looked like the crazy lady from Nip/Tuck really scared me. I was afraid she'd stuff me with cotton and stick buttons in my eyes if I didn't listen to her and play nice.

Thursday was my OB checkup. Tater tot is growing nicely and was standing on her head watching her toes. And (thank goodness) she doesn't have a thick neck. Jeff thought I was making a fat joke. Actually, I was making sure she didn't have Down's Syndrome. Her belly, howev
er, is going to be HUGE because of us....