Saturday, October 11, 2008

24 Weeks

My standard black work pants have finally given out. That's it. They were wide leg, side zip pants that went with everything and even after I cut a notch into the opposite side and put my ever-so-wonderful Bella Band around the unzipped waist - that was it. I just can't fit into them any more. And it makes me sad because I thought that I was just gaining weight in my belly - not my ass.

Great. Preggo butt.

But then I got some hot, black, comfy, work pants with a good waist that I can expand later on (in the next three months). And now... mama's feeling so much better! Ahhhh!

Also going on.... I think she's practicing her high kicks. It feels like an electric shock above my belly button, under my ribs.

This Week's Complaint: Aching feet!

This Week's Development: Belly button has ballooned to the size of a cherry.

Baby's Size: Length of an ear of corn

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