Thursday, November 27, 2008

30+5 Weeks

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just back from a two week stay with my mother in Pennsylvania. Had a baby shower and took home a mountain of stuff, two garbage bags full of hand-me-downs, another full of household items my mother was giving away, a box of my grandmother's china and a box of Christmas decorations.

All in my little Saturn Ion.

Meanwhile, the tater tot is getting very big and very active as she runs out of room in there! My tummy grew a LOT in the two weeks I was gone and it surprised Spud when I returned!

This week's complaint: Stabbing muscle pain in my tummy!

This week's development: The belly is growing! People are saying to me, "Hi, how are you, when are you due?" instead of just guessing if I was pregnant.

Baby's size: Size of a thick, folded sweater or weight of a head of cabbage.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

27+4 Weeks

Yesterday was election day. My unborn daughter went along with me to vote, even though she didn't know it yet. I feel so lucky that she will be born at or around the time that a new president will be inaugurated into the White House. So lucky that she can grow up with a president the same color as her aunt and cousin and able to realize how diverse this country is.

When my sister was growing up with me, our school was 99% white and there was hardly any way for her to be able to see any local African-American or biracial role models. And now, in 2008, my niece and my child can look to the leader of our country to help provide this role (other than their mommies and daddies, of course!).

Special props to my grandmother who went to the polls in N.C. yesterday. The oldest of the Ware family (83) down to the youngest of the Ware family (unborn) were out casting their vote for Obama!

Another note; my birthday is January 20th (inauguration day). I had a dream when I was about 12 weeks along, that my baby was born on my birthday. It also depicted her as a girl (which came true) and that she had strawberry blond hair (which is a great possibility!). How amazing would that be if she was born at the same time we were getting a new president in this country? And also to be born on her mothers birthday... that would be pretty great too!

Now... a 9 hour drive to visit my family in Pennsylvania for two weeks. Wish me luck!

This week's complaint: Backaches! Auuugghh!

This week's development: Very visible kicks that make my stomach actually jump!

Baby's size: Weight of a head of cauliflower, or the length of a small sock monkey.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

27+1 Weeks

I babysat a young girl a couple weeks ago who was curious about my growing belly. She kept asking if the baby was kicking, how big she was, etc. until one day when we got into a conversation about what the baby will look like once she's born. The first question was simple enough, "Will she be blond?"

"Probably," I answered, "Spud and I are both blond, so she has a good chance of being blond."

"What if she comes out Canadian?" she asked, completely serious.

I laughed, "Canadian?! Well, what's the difference between Americans and Canadians? I.. I don't even know what that means!!"

She laughed too and said in that great "kid-voice", "I don't know! Ok, well what if she comes out black?"

That one really got me going and I couldn't even speak, so she filled in the rest of the story for herself.