Thursday, November 27, 2008

30+5 Weeks

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just back from a two week stay with my mother in Pennsylvania. Had a baby shower and took home a mountain of stuff, two garbage bags full of hand-me-downs, another full of household items my mother was giving away, a box of my grandmother's china and a box of Christmas decorations.

All in my little Saturn Ion.

Meanwhile, the tater tot is getting very big and very active as she runs out of room in there! My tummy grew a LOT in the two weeks I was gone and it surprised Spud when I returned!

This week's complaint: Stabbing muscle pain in my tummy!

This week's development: The belly is growing! People are saying to me, "Hi, how are you, when are you due?" instead of just guessing if I was pregnant.

Baby's size: Size of a thick, folded sweater or weight of a head of cabbage.

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