Sunday, November 2, 2008

27+1 Weeks

I babysat a young girl a couple weeks ago who was curious about my growing belly. She kept asking if the baby was kicking, how big she was, etc. until one day when we got into a conversation about what the baby will look like once she's born. The first question was simple enough, "Will she be blond?"

"Probably," I answered, "Spud and I are both blond, so she has a good chance of being blond."

"What if she comes out Canadian?" she asked, completely serious.

I laughed, "Canadian?! Well, what's the difference between Americans and Canadians? I.. I don't even know what that means!!"

She laughed too and said in that great "kid-voice", "I don't know! Ok, well what if she comes out black?"

That one really got me going and I couldn't even speak, so she filled in the rest of the story for herself.

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  1. hahahahaha!!!! this reminds me of conversations i had wiht kids when i was pregnant:
    Libby: what if you're baby is a monkey?
    Jake: why do you have dirt on your tummy? (the lina negra)
    me: It's not dirt. it's skin color.
    Jake: why did you do markers on your tummy?
    elle: [poking my bellybutton sticking out] is that your baby's eye? did i poke his eye?!?!?!