Monday, July 27, 2009

6 months, 1 week

She blows raspberries.
She rolls all over the place.
She pulls my hair while eating.
She sings like a pterodactyl.
She calls "Mam am mam" when she wants me.
She can sit up - for a little bit.
She's eating stage 2 foods.
She loves apples.
She hates peas.
She really wants my yogurt.
She pulls herself into a standing position, with my help.
She can balance on Spud's hand.
She's teething.
She can wear 6 months clothes, and still fit in newborn pants.
She can sit in her high chair.
She tries to sit in the shopping cart.
She will sleep through the night every once in a while.
She'll have a dance party in her crib more often.
She's the love of my life.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

6 months

I have a six month old. Where has the time gone??

By the way, that leaves me only 3 more months to lose the rest of the baby weight. I managed to get over the Plus 15 plateau and am now Plus 11! Hooray! Just a few more to go... I have a theory. It takes 9 months for you to put on the baby weight - the bulk of which comes on in the last trimester. Then, as soon as you have the baby, the bulk comes off and all of the "maternal fat" is left. That's the hardest and most people just stop after the initial amount is lost because they get frustrated and just give up. By God - I will see the 130's again!

But... mommies are meant to be a little squishier, in order to give better hugs.

In the meantime, I have many many ideas for starting my own little baby "crap" line and selling it on the inter-webs. There's a whole sub-culture out there that love to give and receive handmade baby junk. And if my price is $1 less than the others out there... the easier it will be to sell!

Uh oh... nap time is over....

Monday, July 13, 2009

26 Weeks

A Day in the Life

5am - Baby wakes up for early morning feeding. Crawls into bed with us and sleeps a little longer. 5oz bottle. Diaper change.

7:30am - Dad wakes up and gets ready for work. Baby starts hitting me in the face to wake me up.

7:45am -Dad goes to work.

8am - Mom and Baby get up and put a bottle on the warmer while we change her diaper, get her dressed, open the blinds, turn off night lights, and make the bed.

8:15am- 5oz bottle. Bowl of cereal for Mom.

9am - Mom gets a bath while Baby plays in bouncy chair placed next to bathtub. After bath, she is moved (chair and all) into the bedroom to watch Dora the Explorer (etc.) while I get dressed, do my makeup, etc.

9:45am - Clean up kitchen, take out trash, load dishwasher, start laundry (if needed), or make bottles for the day (if needed). There's usually a poopy diaper in here somewhere!

10 am - Nap for Baby.

11am - Wake up from nap. 5oz bottle. Reflux medicine. Diaper change.

11:30am - Playtime on the floor for Mom, Baby, and cats.

12pm - Lunch! Dad may or may not join us during his lunch break. Baby has two spoonfuls of baby food, sometimes mixed with a little rice cereal, while she sits in bouncy chair (no high chair yet!)

12:30pm - Clean up from lunch while Baby plays on floor or in bouncy chair.

1pm - Nap for Baby (and sometimes Mom).

2pm - Wake up from nap. 5oz bottle. Diaper change.

3:00pm - Playtime on the floor of nursery while I put away clothes, finish laundry, re-organize her clothes, or get the room ready for her bath if I have to work that evening.

3:30 - Read books or look at Baby Einstein flashcards while we cuddle in a chair.

4pm - Nap for Baby.

4:45pm - Dad gets off of work (even though he works mostly from our home). Mom and Dad cuddle until Baby wakes up.If Mom works, gets ready and does hair.

5:30pm - Wake up from nap. 5 oz bottle. Diaper change.

(5:45pm - Mom leaves for work on only 1-3 nights a week).

6pm - Dad cooks dinner while Mom either assists or takes care of Baby.

6:30pm - Eat a family dinner with Baby in bouncy chair. Two-three huge spoonfuls of baby food in a small bowl, sometimes mixed with rice cereal.

7pm - Mom cleans up kitchen, makes bottles (if needed), loads and runs dishwasher, irons Dad's clothes for work the next day (if needed) and has "Mommy time" while Dad plays with Baby.

7:30pm - The "Cranky Hour." Not quite time for bed, too late for a nap. Try to keep her occupied with walks or trips outside to sit on the porch swing.

8:00pm - Bath-time! Mom and Dad both get Baby settled in the bathtub, run the water, and get the rubber duckies. Mom usually bathes Baby while Dad checks his email, but calls for him when it's time to get out.

8:15pm - DAD! Baby is dried off, lotioned, and pajama'd by Dad (who is also the expert swaddler) while Mom warms a bottle, gives her some reflux medicine, and gets the room ready for bed.

8:30pm - 5oz bottle.

(9:15-10:15pm - Mom comes home from work if it's a working day).

12am-2am - If Baby wakes up, it's around now. Sometimes she falls asleep by herself, other times she crawls in bed with us and sleeps until morning. Diaper changes and 5oz bottles if needed.


The "Mommy" Purse
Through the week I have my "Mommy Purse." It's one part diaper bag, one part purse, and partly covered in spit up. I condense my wallet to a small-size ID holder, with room for just my ID and Debit Card. There's diapers and wipes, of course, but I also have a formula divider that my sister gave me. It's a small, round, plastic container that has three divisions so you can dole out just enough formula that you need (i.e. 3 scoops = 6oz bottle). Just bring a bottle filled with the water you need, shake, and go! No refrigeration!

Oh, and my coupon wallet. Yeah... I'm THAT mom.

On the weekend, though, it's all about my red leather purse. Room for my cell-phone, gum, and HUGE wallet. I take it back and forth to work, complete with my name badge in the front left pocket.

But on Monday morning...... back to the "Mommy" Bag.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

25 Weeks

(This is a recovered draft I found recently. It's not finished, but enjoy the pictures!)

The Spuds Go to the Beach!

Not too much time to write right now (I can see this is going to be a growing theme) but here's some pictures... Enjoy!