Monday, July 27, 2009

6 months, 1 week

She blows raspberries.
She rolls all over the place.
She pulls my hair while eating.
She sings like a pterodactyl.
She calls "Mam am mam" when she wants me.
She can sit up - for a little bit.
She's eating stage 2 foods.
She loves apples.
She hates peas.
She really wants my yogurt.
She pulls herself into a standing position, with my help.
She can balance on Spud's hand.
She's teething.
She can wear 6 months clothes, and still fit in newborn pants.
She can sit in her high chair.
She tries to sit in the shopping cart.
She will sleep through the night every once in a while.
She'll have a dance party in her crib more often.
She's the love of my life.

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