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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Small Fry - 22 months

By the time Tater Tot was 22 months, she had a 2.5 month old sister, was speaking spanish, and could say this list of 144+ words (including buttcrack).

I don't want to compare my children, but Small Fry's speech has me a little worried. She understands a lot and follows commands, but she only says a few words clearly. 3... Maybe. Last night I asked her to get me a diaper and a wipe for Baby Sprout and she came back into the living room proudly carrying both!

Maybe I didn't spend enough time reading to her. Maybe Tater Tot took up more of my attention and then the new baby came and all the attention was on him and my recovery. Somehow, along the way, Small Fry just got left behind in the talking department.

Thinking we'll need to have a serious talk with a doctor or speech pathologist by her second birthday (which is coming up in two months).

Oh boy.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Small Fry - 22mo, Baby Sprout - 16wks

"The Littles"

My "good" kids... The ones who can't talk. ;-)