Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tater Tot- 3 1/2 years

Changing up my titles a little. Instead of posting their ages repeatedly, I will try to focus on just one child per post and then do all for updates (weight, new words, etc.)

Today is Tater Tot.

God love her, she's driving us bananas. Telling us she hates both of us and wishes she didn't have parents. Wishing to live at her grandparent's house. Pretending to rip her face off and throw it at me (actually I remember this now - a friend told me to tell a child to 'throw that angry face in the trash!' and the thought was so silly, it broke up the nastiness.)

But then there's really sweet times. I do love her, but gosh it's hard to be her mom sometimes.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Who is who?

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Tater Tot- 3.5 years, Small Fry- 22 months, Baby Sprout- 17 weeks

Tater Tot - 30 lbs, mouth like a sailor, memory like a steel trap (can remember most of every Disney movie she watches).

Small Fry - 25 lbs, says "I got it!," "I did it!" and Mama with a few other made up words that I'm supposed to understand, and attempts to go on the potty.

Baby Sprout - 15 lbs (!), is starting to roll over, and giggles when his belly is tickled.

TT-3, SF-1.5, BS- 1/3

I'm sorry we couldn't provide you the best home you deserve...

You were a sweet girl, Leela, but there's too many babies in this house and only one of me...

Thank you for protecting us...

And now it's time for you to be with someone who can give you the attention you deserve...

Goodbye, crazy dog-face. We'll miss you!

Tot- 3yrs, 5 months, Fry- 21 months, Sprout- 3 months

Drive in movie to see Brave.
Small Fry on left, Tater Tot on right, in the back of our Pacifica at night.