Friday, October 3, 2008

22+6 Weeks

Was given a 20 minute lecture by a woman who looked like Sharon Gless (Cagney & Lacey, Nip/Tuck) about proper nutrition and weight gain during pregnancy. She came into work and talked my ear off once she noticed me adjusting my pantyhose around "The Bump."

I kind of wanted to kill either her or myself. But the fact that
she looked like the crazy lady from Nip/Tuck really scared me. I was afraid she'd stuff me with cotton and stick buttons in my eyes if I didn't listen to her and play nice.

Thursday was my OB checkup. Tater tot is growing nicely and was standing on her head watching her toes. And (thank goodness) she doesn't have a thick neck. Jeff thought I was making a fat joke. Actually, I was making sure she didn't have Down's Syndrome. Her belly, howev
er, is going to be HUGE because of us....

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