Thursday, August 5, 2010

18.5 months, 33 weeks

I've been featured as a guest poster at Well Rounded Birth Prep, written by a lovely childbirth educator, doula-in-training, and mom of 4, Sarah.

Yes, I just copied and pasted my birth story with Tater Tot, but it's available again on her blog. Please check it out along with the rest of her posts.

Thanks again Sarah!


  1. I just read it... congrats and awesome! :)
    I know how you feel now, I really hate the thought of going back to the hospital, but I can't seem to find another option that works for me. With three kids checkups need to be close by!

  2. I'm slow on the draw and still figuring out Blogspot. :-) Thanks so much for the mention, and for sharing your amazing birth story. I can't wait to read your newest Tater Tot's birth story in a few weeks.