Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tater Tot- 2, Small Fry- 8 months

Tater Tot-
-was playing by herself while I was reorganizing baby clothes, and she kept saying, "I have to clean up this junk!" Apparently I say that a lot...
-l.o.v.e.d Tarzan, but won't admit it because The Jungle Book is way better. She has a penchant for boys lost in the wilderness and raised by animals. I suppose. Give me hunky Tarzan over scrawny Mowgli any day!
-Has started telling me, "I killed a man with THIS thumb." I believe it.
-still has not gained any weight.
-refuses to go on the potty, even if I let it trickle down her leg all weekend long.
-started hopping up and down while I was getting the movie Rikki Tikki Tavi ready. She claimed she was being a mongoose. Then she got confused and started calling it a kangaroo. There's no kangaroos in India, Nugget.
-only loves the puppy (we're fostering... No decisions yet) only when it's not whining. After a pretty harried spell involving a choking sister and spilled BBQ sauce, she told me she doesn't want to keep her because she goes "Mmm hmmm hmmm!" "oll de time!"
-can sing the alphabet song and is starting to learn letters make words.
-said "abaho"(sp?) at the dentist when the chair went up and down. Thanks Dora.

Small Fry-
-is a rolling over champ.
-prefers sitting to laying down.
-has started crawling like an army man.
-sometimes tries to pull herself up on my lap, the edge of the bathtub, or the coffee table.
-eats stage 2 foods and is starting to eat puffs and drink water from a sippy cup... Well, it's more like dumping, but close.
-wants Tater Tots toys.
-thinks the puppy is soooo funny!
-thinks Tater Tot is even funnier.
-still hates Spud.
-still sleeps in my bed :-/
-is saying "baba" when she wants to eat (either nurse or bottle) and "mama"... I think.
-currently has her toenails painted red, picked out by her sister (who chose pale pink for herself).
-is really starting to show the strawberry blonde in her hair.

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