Friday, April 15, 2011

Tater Tot- 2, Small Fry- 7.5 months

After some much needed approval from Vanessa ( -and reassurance that someone IS actually reading out there- I'm writing again. Twice in one week. Aren't you stunned.

TT is noticeably filling out again, thanks to a concentrated effort to plump her back up again. Slipping butter on her veggies, whole milk in her smoothies, snacks available at all times, and a never ending supply of Mac n Cheese. Hey... At least she's eating something!

SF is such a solid sitter (say that 3 times fast) that I let her take a big girl bath with Tot, instead of the blue plastic baby tub (which is ...soo annoying). It's large, doesn't store well for easy access, falls over a lot, and requires two separate (exhausting) bath preparations. Finally, the day I've been waiting for has come! Not walking or saying Mama, just being able to bathe them at once. Yippee!

We also started SF on Enfamil Restful Night formula tonight. I do nurse during the day, and the evening, and all through the night, but I'm usually so tapped by bedtime that I give her a bottle of formula just to give my boobs a two hour break until the next round! We'll see how this goes. Not having one single night of complete sleep in 7.5 months is starting to affect me .

TT and I were watching the "mousie movie" (Ratatouille by Disney/Pixar) for the ...billionth time. And there's a line spoken by a chef on a new person's first day of work. It's a little odd for a G rated movie, and my tiny myna bird thought it best to repeat to me.
"Mommy? Welcome to HELL!"

Little does she know, I'm already there. Thanks baby.

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  1. Good work Karen. I always thought those little baby baths were cute. Until I used one. I hate them. We have this funny little wire frame with mesh over it. You just lay it down in the bathtub and the baby on top of it. The baby is still getting wet, but she is also propped up. I like that one. The tub went rather quickly to some other unsuspecting mother at a babyshower.

    Thanks for the plug, I love my blog. I love when people read it too.

    After we watched Ratatouille at a friends house we came home and ate dinner. Victor held the loaf of bread up and was saying " just listen to that crust". My husband looked at him like he was crazy. I laughed. hard.

    Cars also contains hell, twice. I don't understand if it is an attempt to get our kids to talk like that, or if they forgot they were supposed to be making a movie for kids. It really bothers me. I know I am a serious exception. I do not speak like that. I do not appreciate "kids" movies teaching my kids that stuff. "I'm stuck in hillbillly hell." was completely unnecessary.