Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tater Tot- 2, Small Fry, 6.5 months

I often get approached by people in my small semi-southern town while I'm out shopping with Small Fry. She's usually in a Baby Bjorn we got as a handmedown from a friend, or one of my various slings. People are so friendly and seem to love babies here, and wearing my child seems to draw more attention to her than just leaving her in the car seat or stroller.

NOT ONCE, WHILE IN A CAR SEAT OR STROLLER, HAS AN OLDER PARENT COME UP AND SAID, "Oh I wish they had that when my kids were little."

I usually tell them, while patting my baby and keeping her away from their grimy fingers, that wearing my baby has been a lifesaver - and it's also been around for hundreds of years! Haha!

Just remember that. No experienced parent wishes they could have plopped their miserable baby in a stroller, when they could have put them in a sling instead.


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