Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tater Tot -2, Small Fry - 6 months

Oh thank god for the Johnny Jump Up.

Now, AP moms out there, you may cringe at using a toy or bouncer or something to keep your kid happy. I certainly don't ever *cough* use it to leave her alone all day while I gallivant around town or anything. But, if your kid wants to play with a toy, why deny her? She gets bored with seeing the same old Mommy every day ... and that's ok. I'd be bored with me too. Small Fry is having fun, learning how to grasp and jump, and I help her play with it. That's fun. When she cries, I take her out and hold her. That's when it's not fun anymore.

Tater Tot even gets in on the fun too - although a little too rough for my taste.

"No! Don't swing Sissy like a pinata!"

Potty Training Woes

Ok, we've been putting it off for long enough. She's been "pre-potty training" for 8 1/2 months now. It's time to get serious.

And Tater Tot let it be known that it was time to get serious. The sh*t hit the fan... well, carpet. And bed. And walls.

Spud heard her say, "Oh no, oh man, oh man!" while she was supposed to be napping. He went upstairs and she had taken her pants off, and her diaper, was flinging the diaper and the poo everywhere (thank goodness it's just little nuggets) and had peed in the bed.

Thank God I was napping through that!

Yup, time to fix it.

So we hit it hard core today. Carting the little pink potty wherever we went around the house. Easy access. Constant reminders.

And it worked. Sorta.

While we were laying in bed watching The Jungle Book (for the 15th time), getting ready for a nap, she said, "Mommy, I hafta go pee pee potty!"

Yay! I thought. Ok, let me peel myself off of Small Fry and we'll hurry to the bathroom. Then Spud came home and distracted her, she ran off to the living room, and peed on the carpet.

....almost.... All of the buttons are there, they just have to be activated.


Reading "The No-Cry Potty Training Solution," by Elizabeth Pantley. Also on my reading list, a book by Dr. William Sears about the High-Needs and Fussy Baby.

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