Wednesday, December 22, 2010

23 months (Tot), 3.5 months (Fry)

I'm a bad mom...

Ho ho ho!! (Who you callin' a ho??)

Ok, so I'm the worst mom in the world. We went to an 80's birthday party at the Parsnips house and we dressed up. Even Tater Tot. And Spuddy put eyeshadow and lipstick on her. My baby! In makeup! Acckk!! But she was freakin' adorable.

Reason number 2 why I'm the worst mom in the world. She split her lip. It was late and I was about to give her a bath, but she said she wanted a snack. Ok, snack, then bath, then bed. Right? Wrong. I put her on a chair behind me, went to fix her snack, then she fell off the chair and straight onto her face on the floor. I think she bit her lip with those sharp little rabbit teeth and, in reality, it wasn't that bad. But blood on the lip mixes with saliva and then - boom! Blood dripping out of the mouth! All over the place! ACK! Nothing some chocolate, Mommy kisses, and some Dora on Netflix streaming on iPhone can't fix.

Reason number 3 why I'm the worst mom in the world. Tori.

Namely, Victoria Justice on the show Victorius on Nickelodeon. She's obsessed with the songs and the shows. Oh, and iCarly.

"Mommy, Sammee? Gibbee? Tor-wi? Dance?"

Ugh. Shows for teenagers without any educational content whatsoever. I'm not so upset about Elmo because he teaches her about things like noses and the weather. What do those show teach? How to rub her belly and kiss boys. Greeeaaattt....

Reason number 4 why I'm a bad mom... Potty training.

Yeah right. We're trying. Sort of. Most of the time I say, "Just go in your pants, I can't help you right now." And then, the other night, she was trying to tell me she was having a bad poop (the extraction kind...ew...) and I was busy partying, so I said, "Go tell Daddy to change your diaper."

Poor Spud had to handle it on his own. And she DID poo on the potty... but it was under duress. I don't think it's good to have such a negative experience to help her progress. Oh poor baby...

Reason number 5 why I'm a bad mom... My insistence for the perfect picture.

Sorry Santa. Hope you get your eardrums back.

But it's not all bad.... sometimes there's some really sweet times...

Reason number one why I'm an awesome mom.... I taught my 23 month old to sew.

And that... was one of the best moments of mommyhood. I love that sweet little girl. I can't wait to see what kind of woman she will become. Hopefully, I little like me <3

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