Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tot - 21 Months, Fry - 8 Weeks

Oh. My. God.

I am finally taking some time to rest. What a nightmare the past couple weeks have been. Everything was fine until Small Fry was just shy of 4 weeks old. I've stopped and started a blog post about this many times but finally deleted it and started over.

At 27 days old, Small Fry was admitted to the hospital with a fever. We later learned it was viral meningitis. Bacterial is the scary one, not viral. But still scary with a newborn! Four days in the hospital, four days of bills, four days of rectal temperatures every 4 hours, feedings, burpings, Tylenol, antibiotics, swelling, IV's, hospital food, inadequate breastfeeding, pumping, nurses, interruptions, crying, screaming, pinpricks on the heels, heparin, and... a spinal tap.

(I try not to use foul language but...)

Holy fucking crap, they gave my child a mother fucking spinal tap in the emergency room.

And they didn't test it for viral meningitis. They let it go for days and her temperature went up, and down, higher and higher, until it finally peaked at 102.5 on the day the doctor wanted to send her home.

First of all, her pediatrician was an idiot.

Notice I said "was."

He swore at me, told me that it was my fault we were in all this "shit," and that it would be my fault if she got MRSA. Also, he said that the on call nurse might as well have been a janitor with a telephone and a piece of paper.

We changed doctors.

Anyways, all that is in the past now and Small Fry is going on 8 weeks old now! She's a crying mess, eats all the time, and will only sleep with me... but God, I love her little face.

Tater Tot... my bubby. My baby. My first little girl. My little spitfire. The first real love of my life..... Is driving me absolutely crazy. I cannot believe how bad that little ankle-biter is. I could seriously crush her little....


No, really, I love her. I do.

She's adjusting to big sisterhood. I get it. But... g**damnit TT - we are not. effing. watching. Boots.

Boots is a monkey. I hate him everyday.

I'm still working on some issues...

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  1. Oh Karen. I am so sorry. What a terrible pediatrician. I can't believe he thought it was acceptable to talk to anyone that way. Not a patient, not a co worker, not even family should be talked to like that. I swear pregnancy and motherhood makes people around you loose the filter between brain and mouth.

    I have not dealt with hospital visits, but I sure have dealt with the ankle biters. Oh how somedays stomping on them and flushing them down the toilet starts to seem so reasonable and desireable. It can be so hard. And then you have the people who aren't there dealing with it saying things like "They grow up so fast". Sometimes that sounds so incredibly apealing. I wanted to scream at my son the otherday. I resorted to hugging him for a really long time instead. Things finally calmed down at least for a moment. Motherhood is so undervalued and so hard.