Friday, May 7, 2010

67 Weeks, 20 Weeks

It's a girl!!
Meet Baby Girl - Small Fry, 20 Weeks

Meanwhile, in Toddler Land...
Tater Tot, 15 months, sitting in a plastic tub

We're entering a fun stage of toddler-dom.

The tantrum.

It's fun. It's annoying. It's freq
uent. While getting my ultrasound for Small Fry, Tot started throwing a fit because she couldn't be on the table with me. One small hand full of sticky ultrasound gel later, I'm holding onto her with one hand and trying to keep us both on the small table with the other.

But we're so delighted to have another girl! Of course my frugality kicks in (we don't have to buy anything!) but other than that, I'm just excited to have two little girls. Girls that I can dress in matching outfits, teach each other things, and pull each others hair.... oh my.

What have I gotten into?!?

Stats on the kids:

Weight- 22 lbs
Length- 32 in
New Skill- Dancing

(Tater Tot - 18.5 weeks)

(Small Fry - 20 weeks)
Weight - 12 oz (Coke can)
Length - 7in (Banana)
New Skills - Swallowing
Embarrassment- Throwing up at work

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