Thursday, May 20, 2010

16 months, 22 weeks

I've had two follow up appointments with the doctor since the midnight hospital adventure (which ended in the poor demise of one large bird of prey). So far everything looks good and on track and this little blip on Small Fry's radar is not something to really worry about right now.

No worries.

Moving on. Tater Tot has really become a big girl lately. She puts herself down for a nap now and doesn't want me to hold her or rock her with a bottle. She'd much rather relax on a Boppy pillow in her crib, drinking milk until she falls asleep.

That's two big no-no's in all the parenting books, right?!?! Ahh!! How did she decide that she wants to tempt choking, rotting teeth, and suffocation by feeding herself a bottle in bed?

But you know what? It works. Hot damn, all I have to do is turn on her white noise machine, play her musical seahorse, then lay her down in with a bottle and walk away. No jumping up, no crying, no endless story books, or even crazy alligator rolls. Sometimes she lays there and fights sleep for a little bit, but she did that even when I rocked her and cuddled her and sang to her.

I love my Tater Tot, but that crap was exhausting!

So, should I risk potential health and dental hazards for a few minutes of sanity during my day? She's old enough to know not to bury her face in a pillow and suffocate. She's big enough to move her nose and mouth away when she can't breathe. I still listen to her on the monitor (although turned down fairly low) and can hear her scream or choke. Which she doesn't. And maybe I'll start brushing her teeth after she wakes up from naps so I can stop worrying about the tooth thing. We already try to brush before bedtime and when she wakes up.... notice I said... TRY.

In other news...
My dad bought a house! He's signing the papers today and my mom is moving down to the beach this weekend. Without going into too much detail, they've been separated for 11 years but have never actually divorced. Recently, they've started to become friends again and then my dad asked my mom to live with him (several states away). The best part of this whole thing is that my parents' back yard is right across from my aunt and uncle's back yard! My grandmother also lives with them and various cousins, babies, and spouses are over there all the time, so when we go visit - we'll see everyone!! The only part of my family left up North is my sister, Curly Fry, and her family. The rest of the Spudly's, however, still live up North which is a 8-10 hour drive.... 14 to the beach.

I think we need to start investing in some airline tickets...

Congrats Grammy & Grampy!

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