Tuesday, September 22, 2009

8 Months

So Michelle Duggar is pregnant with her 19th child. Some people may not know the Duggar family, but they are a conservative Baptist family from Arkansas who home-school their children and believe in the Quiverfull movement - have as many babies as God will give you.

Her youngest, Jordyn-Grace, was born a mere month before my Tater Tot. As you can read from the title, Tot is only 8 months, making the youngest Duggar 9 months old. Michelle's due date for #19 is March 18th, 2010, making her (as of publish date) 14 weeks along. Jordyn is roughly 37 weeks old, making her merely 23 weeks (or 5 months old) at the time of conception. Sorry... I think about those kinds of things.

And I also think of how exhausting that is going to be for Mama Duggar. Having a 15 month old toddler running around with a new baby! By her newest baby's birthday, she will have 5 children under the age of 5 (not to mention the other 14 kids too!)

Her granddaughter is due to be born October 18th, 2009. Mckynzie Renee, as she will be called, will be 5 months older than her aunt and 10 months younger than Aunt Jordyn.

Not here to judge... just to inform. Not really any of my business... but I just feel tired THINKING about this woman's life!

When I was 7 months pregnant with the Tater Tot, I went home to visit my family and take care of my mom. I got to visit with my 8 month old niece, Hash Brown, and was so exhausted after just one evening babysitting with her. I love her to Reese's Pieces, but being that pregnant and hauling around a kid who can't walk yet was really tiresome. I couldn't even hold her on my lap - my belly was too big!

Eventually, Spud and I want to try for another child again. I think I want to be pregnant again so I can fix my "mistakes" with the last pregnancy. They weren't actual mistakes, but errors in judgment. I allowed my doctor to scare me into an induction when he just wanted to get a nose job and get me delivered on his schedule. I ignored my instincts when I thought I had an infection and let the doctors and nurses talk me out of getting a test. I chose to stay in the hospital, while I could have labored at home. I gave up too easily on breast-feeding, when I should have not let my fears get to me. I caved and asked for pain relief, which made it harder for me to stay awake while pushing because they gave it to me too late in labor. The list goes on. The things I didn't know will (hopefully) be changed the next time around....

....IF there's a next time around.

Oh, by the way, Tater Tot is:
eating tiny chunks of food, like carrots and cheese.
standing up and holding on the edges of furniture.
getting bumps on her head from too many falls.
sleeping 12 hours a night.
eating 24 ounces+ in a day.
discovering rain and the sounds it makes outside.


  1. Sooo, Michelle Duggar, who is awkwardly (if you ask me) the only Duggar who's name doesnt beging with a "J", is having another one... Those people have a kagillion kids, all of whom revert to the role of "parent" by age 8 i assume. Seriously, when you have 18 kids, when do you find time to have sex...i mean, someone has to be awake at some point in the night, there are 18 of them...Oh, wait, the older kids tend to the babies while mommy and daddy create new life...I get it.
    Now, dont get me wrong, i like them 100% better than J&K, since, well, the Duggars actually have jobs and um, morals...but come on...So yes, since Mamma no "J" name Duggar doesnt have to actually take care of the kids...she just grows them. :O)

    And guess what...going into a new pregnancy with the frame of mind that you need to "fix" what didnt work last time isnt the best way to go. You did nothing wrong last time. Perhaps if you hadnt gotten induced things would have gotten bad, and breast feeding just doesnt happen sometimes, for many reasons. Sure, we all want unmedicated births, but sometimes it just isnt feasible, and for the safety of your baby and your own stress level you did what you had to...you wouldnt have an unmedicated C-section would you?? So let it go.

  2. I hope i didnt sound like a hag...that wasnt my goal :O)