Thursday, May 28, 2009

18 Weeks

Spud, Tater Tot, and I went to the pediatrician's office yesterday. She weighs a whoppin' 13lb, 6oz (I thought she was over 14... but that's ok) and 25 inches long! Tot's 4 months old now, so she got another Dtap shot and was checked over from stem to stern... poor little thing!

I really don't know what else to write about! Every day is pretty much the same, and then I go to work on the weekends and Jeff gets to spend some quality time with her. Although, when I came home from work on Saturday, she took one look at me and started crying inconsolably! Bath, bottle, bed.... then Spud and I went out on a "double-date" of sorts while the baby slept at home with a sitter (aka. One of my Macy's co-workers that I called in last-minute!) Actually, that whole weekend I really didn't get too much quality time with her because I would come home either just before or just after her bed-time and leave in the late morning. I felt kind of disconnected... but it could be worse. I could be working full-time and never get to see her at all.

I know people may think that I don't pull my weight or that Spud supports me, and he does, but that is the life that we chose. It's not for you to judge. I supported him through college and grad school... paying rent, buying things for our house, taking care of him and his mountains of laundry... now it's time for me to connect with my little one and be a mommy for a little while. I don't see a need in getting a job where I would just have to hand over my paycheck to my babysitter! What's the point? Use that time to let my baby bond with me - not a babysitter!

I pull my weight plenty. I take care of a huge house. I load the dishwasher everyday. I do upwards of 4 loads of laundry every 3 days. I take out the trash, feed the animals, clean up after the animals, shovel poop all day long (ours and theirs).... it's a rough job! Yes, there's down time. But there's also really hectic/crazy/stressful baby craziness time. I'm so glad that I have someone else to lean on... I don't know how single mothers do it!

Anyways... not gloating about the (joys) of being a partially-stay at home mom... but if we're able to afford it (roughly) for right now, then why not?

There's also some crazy family issues that are going on right now. I don't even know where to begin but I hope it works out.... for Tater Tot's sake. Nobody ever said new mom's were perfect!

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