Tuesday, April 20, 2010

15 months, 18 weeks

All right. It's been a month. Time to get back on board. Once a week until the baby comes. I ...... promise??

Time to play catch up...

So there was Easter. It was horrible/awesome. We left Wednesday night on the 31st and drove through the night to Pennsylvania, arriving at 5am at Spud's mother's house.
Gramma Spud trying to eat some piggies.Grampa Spud playing with Legos (Spud's second favorite toy - the first, of course, being Mr. Potato Head)

Then it was bath time and time to drive to Grammy's house (2 hours away).
We spent Thursday night at my mother's, then Friday visiting friends and eating at some of our favorite Pittsburgh places. Primanti Brother's sandwiches on Thursday with my mother in law, Sheetz MTO's on the trip to my mother's, Eat n' Park with my parents, and Elephant & Castle with friends. The only thing we missed was Quaker Steak n' Lube - but that's for next time!!

Saturday we had a photo shoot with my parents (my dad drove up from North Carolina for Easter), my sister and my niece, Hash Brown. So happy to have (almost) the whole family together - Uncle Home Fry had to work.
Cousin Hash Brown, Aunt Curly Fry, Grammy, Grampy, Mama, Tater Tot, Spud

Easter Sunday was spent at Spud's grandparents house, Bud and Hash. Once again, we got another family photo - except for one missing great-uncle.Mama, Gramma Spud, Grampa Spud, Great-Grandma Bud, Second Cousin Yam, Great-Grandpa Hash, Second Cousin Wedge, Second Cousin Tuber, Great-Uncle Murphy, Spud, Tater Tot, Great-Aunt Chip

I hope you appreciate how much serious creativity that caption required.

We left Sunday night and got back to Kentucky at 6am Monday morning. It was a very long trip and I was very happy to be home... until we had to leave for a doctor's appointment. Had to check on the Small Fry!

Baby Small Fry - 16 weeks

Sucking (his) or HER thumb!

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  1. love the caption... now I'm tired just reading about your trip! :)