Monday, March 1, 2010

58 weeks and 10.5 weeks

One of my favorite mommy-blogs is written by Stacey Anymommy ( (who doesn't know I exist) wrote a post last year about improperly securing your child in their carseat and the risks. I've been reading her blog from the beginning and have gotten up to March 2008 already.

The following post had a link from the Washington Post about forgetting a child in a locked, hot car.
Do not read this if you are overly sensitive like me. I cried several times, including at work, thinking about these poor babies dying by themselves in a boiling hot car. I am so disturbed by this, I promised myself that I will always check my backseat for my babies. I won't get a car with tinted windows hiding my view as I exit the front seat. And, somehow, someday, I will try to do something to prevent others from having to suffer through this.

I an so disturbed and haunted by these stories. My prayers are with these babies...

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