Sunday, August 16, 2009

29.5 Weeks

Carefully, place thick pillows around the edge of my bed and slid my arm out from under my sleeping babe. I tiptoed out of the room, decided this would make a cute picture, and went to find my camera. Even though I held down the flash, it still made a clicking sound and woke up Tater Tot just a little. Quickly, I ducked down under the footboard and waited until she fell back asleep. If I let her see me, it would be all over.

And then I snuck out to the computer to work on my blog. It's been a while, I know. My laptop died sometime in May. I've been using Spud's laptop, but the wireless internet has been spotty lately. So then I use the office PC that's plugged into the wall, but Jeff needs that sometimes too. Plus, vacations, two sets of out-of-town weeklong guests, RA training, move-in (Spud works for a college campus) and a baby that doesn't nap as long as she used to --- all add up to less and less time to sit and actually type.

I think I need to gripe for a moment though, before I leave to go check on the Tot. Last week, while my mom was visiting, a student came to the door of my house/Spud's office. The sign said CLOSED and the sign with the hours was clearly posted in the front window and on the glass door. It was lunchtime and Spud was not here. The student knocked and I called out from the living room, "We're closed!"

He knocked again.

I got up from the couch with my mom, the baby, and my mom's friend and went over to the door. I opened it slightly and said, "We're closed." I went to shut the door, and he said, "Is Spud here?"

"No," I said, pointing to the sign, "We're closed."

"Can I ask--" he started.

"No! We're closed. See? He's not here!" I went to shut the door again and as he turned off the stoop he said, under his breath, "B*tch..."

At that point, I was livid. How dare you come to my house and call me that with my family and child in the next room?! I got all "trailer-trashy" and re-opened the door, yelling, "What did you just say to me?"

As he was walking away, he said again, "I called you a b*tch."

"It's not my fault you can't read! It's closed!" So incredibly angry!

Apparently, his coach was made aware of the situation and supposedly the student is going to apologize to me and Spud. I saw him yesterday several times, and he made no effort to do so. It's sad that he has no manners and wouldn't even consider apologizing to me, if his coach had not given him the option of a bus ticket or an apology.

What was more upsetting to me is that I fear that someone will take it to the next level next time. What's next? A rock through the window, landing next to the Tater Tot? A drunk person fighting in my home at 2am with my sleeping daughter in the next room? A gunshot?

I'd rethink this student's admission, Admissions Department. Apparently, he failed the reading portion of the SAT's.

Raising a child on a college campus will be interesting....

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